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What is the McFarlane Toys Gold Label Series?

January 20, 2021

The Gold Label Collection is here and you might be asking, what's so special about the Gold Label Series? This series will feature a number of highly limited figures from across many pop culture brands with exclusive packaging and art. They will be limited,

McFarlane Toys’ Announces McFarlane Special Edition Chase Program

January 01, 2020

In July, during McFarlaneCon, McFarlane Toys teased a new chase program coming soon. The new chase program officially is called McFarlane Special Edition.  McFarlane Toys has designed the new chase program to create a line of collectibles that will excite a

Omega, Carbide and the Bitemark premium harvest tool are now available for pre-order!

January 07, 2019

2 more figures and a roleplay item are joining our much beloved Fortnite lineup! Pre-order now available on Amazon. OMEGA Design directly sculpted and painted from in-game assets Hyper-Articulated (22 points) – perfect for Emote posing Comes c

Call of Duty action figures in stores now

October 29, 2018

Call of Duty action figures in stores now From the hottest video game franchise to your collection, McFarlane Toys is bringing Call of Duty® collector figures to life! Each collector figure purchased at GameStop, Target and Walmart will come with a unique co

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Buy the Classic Sets Before They Sell Out!

October 19, 2018

We recently announced that the highly-coveted Classic Series of Five Nights at Freddy's is BACK this year and is in limited quantities! Make sure you get your hands on these Construction Sets before they sell out. WEST HALL CONSTRUCTION SET THE SHO

Star Trek Captain Kirk and Captain Picard… In Stores Now

September 03, 2018

We're coming into the final frontier with its new line of Star Trek action figures... in stores now! Each figure stands 7 inches tall and comes complete with multiple articulation points and a stylized brand specific base. CAPTAIN KIRK Captain Kirk com

EA Sports Madden NFL 19 Series 1 In Stores Now

August 31, 2018

The first action figure series of EA Sports Madden NFL 19 is HERE! Click on each figure name or image to see product details and available chase or surprise versions. Each EA SPORTS Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team action figures will include a code* redee

Hello Neighbor Action Figures… Available Now!

August 16, 2018

The secret is OUT. Hello Neighbor action figures are now available in stores and online. Each figure stands 5 inches tall, comes equipped with game-accurate accessories and features 12+ points of articulation for custom posing. Hello Neighbor video game is now

AMC’s The Walking Dead Negan’s Bat Lucille… Back for a Limited Time!

August 14, 2018

Lucille is back... for a limited run. If you missed your first chance to #MeetLucille... then here is your chance! Leader of the group known as The Saviors, Negan is one of the most merciless enemies to ever cross paths with Rick Grimes and the other su

AMC’s The Walking Dead Allies 3-Pack Deluxe Box… In Stores Now!

July 26, 2018

Recreate the moment Rick, Daryl and Jesus crossed paths in AMC's The Walking Dead. This encounter was the introduction of Paul Rovia better known as Jesus. Rick and Daryl have been around since the series inception and now Jesus has joined the group as the

Tokyo Ghoul Shuu… In Stores Now!

July 09, 2018

One of the most troublesome and difficult Ghouls to capture, "The Gourmet" Shu Tsukiyama, has proven to be just as smart, and powerful as he is fashionable. Coming from a rich and powerful family that has connections within the government, the calculating

Attack on Titan Levi… In Stores Now

July 05, 2018

Levi is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Scout Regiment. Said to be humanity's strongest soldier, Levi leads the battle against the Titans. Anime adaptation translated into a spectacular 3D figure sculpted in his iconic Sco

Destiny’s Iron Gjallarhorn is BACK… on Amazon!

May 30, 2018

Destiny's Iron Gjallarhorn role play item is BACK and available to all states. Get the Gjallarhorn in time for E3, San Diego Comic Con and beyond! A finely-crafted testament to the many heroes of the Last City, the Iron Gjallarhorn is an exotic rocket

Destiny Titan Feud Unfading Shader Action Fgure… In Stores Now!

May 23, 2018

Titans are warriors – heroic defenders of the Light, channeling the gifts of the Traveler to wage war on the Darkness. Steadfast and sure, Titans face any challenge head-on, blunt force instruments of the Traveler’s will. Vault of Glass Titan with F

Destiny 2 Mentors are In Stores Now!

May 09, 2018

The Vanguard Mentors are finally HERE! Ready to guide you through Destiny 2 and onto store shelves. Each Mentor comes with an exclusive McFarlane Hellspawn Emblem. Display it with pride! Click on each figure for more details. CAYDE-6 IKORA