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Tokyo Ghoul Shuu… In Stores Now!

July 09, 2018

One of the most troublesome and difficult Ghouls to capture, "The Gourmet" Shu Tsukiyama, has proven to be just as smart, and powerful as he is fashionable. Coming from a rich and powerful family that has connections within the government, the calculating

Attack on Titan Levi… In Stores Now

July 05, 2018

Levi is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Scout Regiment. Said to be humanity's strongest soldier, Levi leads the battle against the Titans. Anime adaptation translated into a spectacular 3D figure sculpted in his iconic Sco

Destiny’s Iron Gjallarhorn is BACK… on Amazon!

May 30, 2018

Destiny's Iron Gjallarhorn role play item is BACK and available to all states. Get the Gjallarhorn in time for E3, San Diego Comic Con and beyond! A finely-crafted testament to the many heroes of the Last City, the Iron Gjallarhorn is an exotic rocket

Destiny Titan Feud Unfading Shader Action Fgure… In Stores Now!

May 23, 2018

Titans are warriors – heroic defenders of the Light, channeling the gifts of the Traveler to wage war on the Darkness. Steadfast and sure, Titans face any challenge head-on, blunt force instruments of the Traveler’s will. Vault of Glass Titan with F

Destiny 2 Mentors are In Stores Now!

May 09, 2018

The Vanguard Mentors are finally HERE! Ready to guide you through Destiny 2 and onto store shelves. Each Mentor comes with an exclusive McFarlane Hellspawn Emblem. Display it with pride! Click on each figure for more details. CAYDE-6 IKORA

Stranger Things are Happening in Hawkins…

April 23, 2018

Stranger things keep happening in Hawkins, Indiana... especially while Dustin is searching for Will in the woods. Does the Demogorgon make an appearance? Watch the video below to find out! SEE MORE STRANGER THINGS IN STORES  

Stranger Things 10″ Demogorgon… In Stores Now!

April 20, 2018

Store shelves are getting even stranger now that the 10" Demogorgon from Stranger Things has arrived! From a parallel universe known as the Upsidedown, the monster that was soon nicknamed the Demogorgon by the young group of friends, it travels bet

NBA 32… In Stores Now

April 09, 2018

NBA Series 32 is a SLAM-DUNK... and now available online and in stores near you! Don't miss your chance to collect your favorite NBA players. JOEL EMBIID Overcoming injury Joel Embiid finally made it onto the court this past season since being drafted in

Watch King Ezekiel with his Shikomizue

March 30, 2018

'King Ezekiel' has a reluctant truce with The Saviors, but he still makes sure to keep the security of his kingdom in tact.... with his Shikomizue. Find Ezekiel in stores!

Stranger Things Dustin… In Stores Now!

March 28, 2018

One fourth of the main quartet in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, Dustin has quickly become a fan favorite with his classic lines and lovable demeanor. Dustin is always there to support his best friends no matter how strange their adventures get.

Stranger Things Lucas… In Stores Now!

March 27, 2018

An integral piece to the strange things that occur in Hawkins, Indiana... Lucas is there for his friends. Never afraid to voice his opinion, Lucas is strong and always there for friends, no matter what the risk. Spectacular likeness of Lucas sculpte


March 22, 2018

Take a behind the scenes look at life as a savior from AMC's The Walking Dead...a savior action figure that is. Savior Prisoner Daryl is in stores, now!

AMC’s The Walking Dead 7″ Ezekiel Behind the Scenes!

March 09, 2018

A wise and theatrical personality, Ezekiel, often referred to as ‘King Ezekiel,” is the leader of the peaceful community known as The Kingdom... This 7 inch figure is hitting shelves as we speak, but let's take a look at the toy-making process and focus

Behind the Scenes with Bobby from We Happy Few

March 07, 2018

We're gearing up for the new We Happy Few video game coming this Summer... in the meantime, our 7" We Happy Few Bobby figure has hit stores shelves. Here's a little throwback to our toy-making process of our favorite Wellington Wells citizen. Here's your da

7″ Prisoner Daryl from AMC’s The Walking Dead… In Stores

March 04, 2018

After Negan executed Abraham and Glenn in front of the other survivors, he instructed the Saviors to take Daryl hostage. Taking Daryl as an insurance policy, Negan informed Rick that he would comply with Negan’s rules, or else his prisoner, Daryl, would suff

7″ Zer0 from Borderlands… In Stores Now!

March 01, 2018

Shrouded in mystery, Zer0 is an assassin-for-hire whose identity and origin are unknown. Left unsatisfied after a previous target failed to fight back, Zer0 turned to Vault hunting in search of a worthy challenge. Highly detailed sculpt of Zer0 modele

7″ Bobby from We Happy Few… In Stores Now!

February 28, 2018

Patrolling the streets of Wellington Wells, Bobby is always dressed in his constable outfit topped off with his distinct "Happy Face." Always on the look out for potential "downers," residents of Wellington Wells should always have some "joy" at the ready when

7″ Ezekiel from AMC’s The Walking Dead… In Stores Now!

February 26, 2018

A wise and theatrical personality, Ezekiel, often referred to as ‘King Ezekiel,” is the leader of the peaceful community known as The Kingdom. Flanked by his pet tiger Shiva at his side, Ezekiel has a reluctant truce with The Saviors, but makes sure to kee

Borderlands Claptrap Deluxe Box… In Stores Now!

February 24, 2018

A general purpose CL4P-TP robot manufactured by Hyperion, Claptrap acts as the Vault Hunter's (sometimes) useful guide and quest-giver on Pandora. Programmed with an overenthusiastic personality, Claptrap masks his fear and loneliness behind cheerful bravado.

Ezekiel and Shiva Resin Statue… Available Now!

February 12, 2018

What can be said about the well respected and benevolent ruler of ‘The Kingdom’ simply does not do justice to how grand King Ezekiel was.  His decrees were just, his character pristine.  Alongside his faithful tiger Shiva, the King stood for life in such