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Fan Feature: Sabrina Arnett

February 13, 2016

Name: Sabrina Arnett Age: 26 City/State: Salyersville, KY What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? I love all of The Walking Dead construction sets but Dale's RV was probably my favorite to build! What was the hardest McFarlane Toy

NYTF 16: Reveals and Announcements!

February 13, 2016

You patiently followed along with our '12 Days of Toy Fair' campaign and now we're here to deliver all our New York Toy Fair reveals and announcements for 2016 - straight from the show floor! Check out some of the NEW brands, construction sets, statues and

Win the McFarlane-Loot Crate Exclusive (and a 3-month subscription!)

February 09, 2016

FOUR lucky winners will win a three-month subscription to Loot Crate, including the McFarlane AMC's The Walking Dead Loot Crate exclusive toy! To enter the giveaway, complete the form below. (If you're on a mobile device and can't see the form, CLICK HERE

Fan Feature: Joe Merenda

February 06, 2016

Name: Joe Merenda Age: 27 City/State: Naugatuck, CT What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? The Prison Tower and Gate What was the hardest McFarlane Toy to find in your collection? The Wolves Not Far Building Set What was the

6 Incredible Reasons Why We Love TWD TV Series 9

February 04, 2016

Reason #1: Melting flesh. Reason #2: Accessories that keep the peace. Reason #3: Immortalizing a pillar of hope. Reason #4: T-Dog's heroic battle gear. Reason #5: The fallen bucket hat. Reason #6: Knowing Daryl has your back. See the ful

12 Days of Toy Fair: TEASERS!

February 03, 2016

We've let on that 2016 is going to be BIGGER and BETTER for McFarlane Toys... Well, we are just around the corner from New York Toy Fair where will be making some of our big brand and toy announcements! We want YOU to experience Toy Fair with us, so for the

Fan Feature: Luke McIntyre

January 30, 2016

Name: Luke McIntyre Age: 30 City/State: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? All of them really, although if I had to pick a fav it would be "The Walking Dead Dales RV Building Set" What was the hardest

Never Before Seen McFarlane Lootcrate Exclusive!

January 27, 2016

We're excited to announce that in Loot Crate's upcoming February 'DEAD' Crate will contain a never-before-seen AMC's The Walking Dead exclusive toy from McFarlane Toys. <Cue the cheers!> We wish we could give you a sneak peek, but we've been sworn to

Vigilante Rick Grimes Deluxe Figure Coming Soon

January 26, 2016

Former sheriff, Rick Grimes is THE Vigilante of the Atlanta survivors who are desperate in their search for a safe haven. Rick can no longer resist his destined leadership role and decides to do whatever it takes to keep his family and friends alive. Ri

Fan Feature: Steve G.

January 23, 2016

Name: Steve G. Age: 38 City/State: Indianapolis, IN. What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? I like the prison cells, as they seem like they could be an endless build.  You could keep adding on to them and make a pretty impressi

TOYFAIR 2016: More Detail, More Brands, More McFarlane

January 21, 2016

Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys will attend Toy Fair (one of the biggest Toy trade events in the world) again this year with new brand announcements, new categories and first looks at upcoming toys for 2016! Even though the show is only open to the tr

Newly Archived: All The Walking Dead TV

January 20, 2016

We are slowly but surely making progress with archiving all past product from the old Recently, all AMC's The Walking Dead products have been archived. You can find all past The Walking Dead TV action figures by following these three simp

Behind The Scenes Look at T-Dog!

January 18, 2016

With the upcoming release of AMC's The Walking Dead TV Series 9, we thought we'd show you some behind-the-scenes photos from the toy-creation process. We couldn't overlook one of the original Atlanta survivors, the heroic T-Dog! Take a look at some of the pro

Fan Feature: Zack Williams

January 16, 2016

Name: Zack Williams Age: 29 City/State: Andrews AFB, Maryland What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? Dale's RV (all of them really) What was the hardest McFarlane Toy to find in your collection? Series 1 Daryl Dixon (found him at Gam

Assassin’s Creed Series 5 REPRESENTS!

January 15, 2016

Our next line-up of fan-favorite Assassin's Creed action figures pay special homage to their home countries with flag-themed outfits designed by Todd McFarlane. Union Jacob Frye Dressed in colors of the British flag and sporting a dapper top hat. I

Rick Grimes Throughout the Years

January 13, 2016

We (along with ALL AMC's The Walking Dead fans!) are anxiously awaiting the mid-season 6 premiere on Feb. 14. So, until we can get our weekly The Walking Dead fix... we thought it would be fun to round up all the Rick Grimes figures we've produced over the yea

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