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Another All-Star Line-Up for NBA Series 29!

May 04, 2016

McFarlane Toys announces another all-star line-up for NBA Series 29. This line-up includes 3 SportsPicks debuts in addition to superstar veterans. The NBA 29 line-up includes... KRISTAPS PORZINGIS Towering in at 7’3”, Kristaps Porzingis is a s

Win A Dallas Fan Expo VIP Prize Package!

May 03, 2016

Todd McFarlane recently announced his upcoming appearance at the Dallas Fan Expo June 5th, 2016. His schedule is sure to be jam-packed with fun, and now YOU have a chance to experience it for yourself (plus a friend!)!   VIP Prize Package Includes

Fan Feature: Amy Karelse

April 30, 2016

Name: Amy Karelse Age: 35 City/State: West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, Canada What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? I cannot pick a favorite because they are all my favorite!! What was the hardest McFarlane Toy to find in your collec

The Collectors Case Features McFarlane Toys and Todd McFarlane

April 29, 2016

A new monthly collectible mystery case is in town: The Collectors Case! Each chase contains an exclusive t-shirt, 4-6 curated collectibles (valued at $60) AND an exclusive autographed collectible scattered throughout random cases. If you're really seeking

First Look at JD Fenix from Gears of War

April 28, 2016

JD Fenix, an idealist striving to live his life with purpose, joins a new generation of heroes to fight the next evolution of monsters in the upcoming and highly anticipated Gears of War 4 video game from The Coalition and Microsoft Studios. This past

Are YOU The Ultimate Spawn Fan?! If So, You Need To Read This!

April 25, 2016

SUPER-FAN BUILDS DIGITAL SERIES WANTS TO BUILD FOR YOU! Super-fan Builds is back, bigger and better!  What is Super-Fan Builds? You know… It’s the show that enlists Hollywood’s TOP prop makers to create one-of-a-kind geeky collectibles for a fan of

WIN a Game of Thrones Prize Package!

April 24, 2016

We are so excited for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6, so what better time (than now) to kick it off with a Game of Thrones Construction Set giveaway?! (Note: there is no better time!) Enter to win a Game of Thrones prize package by fillin – 6 Things Every Game of Thrones Fan Should Own

April 24, 2016

"You’re nothing until Todd McFarlane wants to license you."

Fan Feature: Aaron Hoffman

April 23, 2016

Name: Aaron Hoffman Age: 33 City/State: Germansville, PA What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set? Dale's RV What was the hardest McFarlane Toy to find in your collection? snow base Tom Brady What was the most valuable McFarlane

See Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones With The Iron Throne Room Construction Set!

April 21, 2016

Maisie Williams from HBO's Game of Thrones surprises Game of Thrones fans at gaming store. Not only is she hilarious, but it looks like she loves the Iron Throne Room Construction Set as much as we do.... It almost looks like she didn't want to give it up to t

$1500 McFarlane Toys Sweepstakes Winner Announced

April 20, 2016

When we announced our February's Lootcrate McFarlane exclusive, there was another surprise in store for all Looter's who received the McFarlane collectible. Inside the Lootcrate Mini Big Head packaging was a call to enter to win a $1500 McFarlane Toys Shopping

Behind The Scenes of Five Nights At Freddy’s Construction!

April 19, 2016

Here's some behind-the-scenes footage of McFarlane Toys putting the finishing touches on our new Five Night's at Freddy's Construction Sets before we introduced them to the public at New York Toy Fair. Turn up your volume and watch as our artists brought t

A Cure for The Walking Dead Withdrawals

April 17, 2016

AMC's The Walking Dead wrapped up Season 6 a couple weeks ago... but we're still over here having withdrawals. Luckily, we can see some Walking Dead action with @Plastic_RickGrimes latest stop motion featuring the Boiler Room Construction Set. Enjoy!

Fan Feature: Steve Woodliff

April 16, 2016

Name: Steve Woodliff Age: 27 City/State: Baraboo, WI. What is your favorite McFarlane Construction Set?  Dale's RV. What was the hardest McFarlane Toy to find in your collection? Probably SDCC Michonne, i waited until late 2015 to buy her.

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