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Squeezable Dart

Brand: Stranger Things

Genre: Movies & TV

Product Type: Mini Figure

Series: Stranger Things Fall 2018

The most beloved creature in the hit Netflix TV series Stranger Things, D’artanian, or better known as Dart captivated audiences and formed an unbreakable bond with Dustin Henderson that ultimately saved the lives of Eleven and the rest of the gang. Dart was found in Dustin’s garbage can as a small polliwog on Halloween night and quickly became the star of the show. Dart was named after D’artanian from the Three Musketeers because of his love for the famous chocolate bar.

  • Spectacular likeness of Dart at the polliwog stage
  • Features lizard like tail and paint that mirrors a slimy monster from the Upside Down
  • Jaws open when Dart is squeezed, showing off its iconic mouth and teeth
  • Features soft squeezable texture that measure 5” long and fits perfect in the palm of the hand
  • Dart squeezable comes in a 24 count PDQ for easy display

Where to buy:

Release Date

October 2018


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Squishy

Scale: 5 Inches Long

Packaging: PDQ

MSRP: $9.99

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