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Spawn/Batman (Resin Statue) Drawing Board Crowd Fund

Brand: DC Direct

Genre: Comics

Product Type: Resin Statue

Series: Drawing Board Crowdfund

For the first time as a statue, capture the stunning and iconic cover of the legendary 90’s crossover book, Spawn / Batman. Standing at almost 25″ tall, the statue perfectly captures Spawn and Batman leaping over the streets of Gotham City. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this iconic comic-book moment in 3D form.

Product Features:

  • Highly detailed statue stands approximately 24.5” tall (including base).
  • Made of polyresin
  • Statue is based on artwork by Todd McFarlane
  • Hand-numbered on the base
  • Limited Edition
  • 1:10th Scale Statue.

Click the image below to FUND and secure your statue!

Unavailable for Purchase

Release Date



1:10th Scale

Approximately 24.5" Tall

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