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Brand: The Walking Dead (Comic)

Genre: Comics

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: The Walking Dead Comic Series 5

Former Sheriff Deputy along with Rick Grimes, Shane was responsible for keeping Lori and Carl Grimes safe when the outbreak occurred.  When it became apparent Atlanta was lost to the Walkers, Shane took the two and settled on the outskirts of the city joining up with Dale and his band.  As an authority figure he became the de-facto leader of the group.  Shane acted on his long time feelings for Lori, as they both assumed Rick was probably dead.  However when Rick showed up, Lori confessed it was a moment of weakness and a mistake.  His obsession with Lori greatly impacted his emotional state and caused him to pit himself against his former friend.  Eventually the tension grew too high between the two, and Shane attempted to kill Rick.  Before Shane could act, he was shot and killed by Carl Grimes trying to protect his father.  After Rick later learns everyone is infected he returns to Shane’s grave to find him reanimated.  He shoots him in the head thus ending his second life.

Figure features Shane dressed in his police uniform and baseball cap.  Comes with 22 Points of articulation, an alternate zombie head, his signature shotgun, and a severed Oscar head on a stake with base, as homage to the recent events in the comic.

Where to buy:

Release Date

September 2016


Paint: Original Paint

Format; Action Figure

Scale: 5 Inches

Packaging: Blister

MSRP: $15.99

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