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Brand: Destiny

Genre: Video Games

Product Type: Roleplay

The super of the Titan in Destiny 2 allows for one to summon the Sentinel Shield in battle. The Sentinel Shield is summoned from a void of light. Used by the Titans to either protect their allies or bash their enemies, it is the ultimate weapon of protection and destruction.

  • ALL NEW Roleplay Sentinel Shield from Destiny 2
  • Sentinel Shield measures 23″ in diameter for maximum playability
  • Sentinel Shield features incredible detail sculpted from in- game assets
  • Sentinel Shield features functioning handle tailored for style and comfort
  • Features incredible detailed shield front with game accurate designs sculpted into the exterior of the Sentinel Shield
  • Sentinel Shield modeled after the Titan’s power up in Destiny 2
  • Sentinel Shield comes in stylized box packaging

This shield is a GameStop exclusive.


Where to buy:

Release Date

November 2018


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Role Play

Scale: 23 inches in diameter

Packaging: Box

MSRP: $99.99

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