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Miguel Cabrera

Brand: MLB

Genre: Sports

Product Type: Action Figure

Product Type: Exclusive

Series: MLB Series 23

2008 was a transition year for Miguel Cabrera. He changed teams, moving from Florida to Detroit, and changed positions too – moving from third base to first. The Tigers’ season did not go as expected, with injuries derailing the pitching staff and the offense never truly clicking. Cabrera got comfortable in his new stripes midway through the season, and the American League began to see the player that National League pitchers were so happy to bid farewell to. 2009 looms as a fresh chance for the still-young Cabrera to truly make his mark in the Motor City.

Unavailable for Purchase

Release Date

April 2009


Paint Original Paint

Format: Action Figure

Scale: 6 Inches

Packaging: Blister Card

Exclusive: Toys R Us

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