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Mickey Mantle #2

Brand: MLB

Genre: Sports

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: Cooperstown Series 5

Mickey Mantle is part of the “greatest player ever” debate, but there’s no argument that he was the greatest switch-hitter in baseball history. Mantle swatted 372 home runs as a lefty, and 164 from the right side – but he was equally dangerous from either side of the plate. The power numbers are somewhat skewed due to the fact that most of his at-bats came from the left side against right-handed pitching. His swing was more compact from the left side, but more thunderous from the right – Mantle swung a 32-ounce bat when hitting lefty and a 36-ounce bat from the right side. Mantle’s career average was .298, but .350 when batting right-handed. Mantle was enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

Unavailable for Purchase

Release Date

February 2008


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Action Figure

Scale: 6 Inches

Packaging: Blister Card

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