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Julius Erving

Brand: NBA

Genre: Sports

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: NBA Legends Series 1

Only six players in NCAA history have averaged 20 points and 20 rebounds per game, but Julius Erving is used to being in exclusive company. He was the shining star of the ABA, turning heads and raising roofs as a Virginia Squire and a New York Net before arriving in the NBA as a Philadelphia 76er with something to prove to a whole new league. “Dr. J” was named the league’s MVP in 1981, led the Sixers to the 1983 championship and played on 11 consecutive All-Star teams. Erving helped change the game, bringing basketball above the rim for generations to come.

Unavailable for Purchase

Release Date

May 2005


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Action Figure

Scale: 6 Inches

Packaging: Clamshell

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