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The Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum (Bronze)

Brand: DC Multiverse

Genre: Comics

Product Type: McFarlane Special Edition

Series: McFarlane Special Edition

An insanely homicidal Super-Villain, The Joker’s white skin, green hair, and blood-red lips belie the chaotic nature underlying his cartoonish appearance. The self-styled Clown Prince of Crime has no superpowers, beyond a capacity for incredible violence and a skill at creating deadly mayhem. He frequently concocts elaborate schemes to entrap his arch nemesis, Batman. 

Product Features:

  • The Joker figure based on the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum 
  • The Joker accessories include blaster, two chattering teeth, and base 
  • Figure is featured in an all bronze finish 
  • Included collectable art card with The Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum artwork on the front, and character biography on the back 

Unavailable for Purchase

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