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Hershel Greene

Brand: The Walking Dead (TV)

Genre: Movies & TV

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: The Walking Dead TV Series 6

An advisor to Rick and father of surviving daughters Maggie and Beth, this beloved character has left an eternal impact on The Walking Dead series. Hershel Greene was introduced as the man who saves Rick’s son Carl’s life in season 2. A farm owner and defender of moral codes, he served as a confident and skilled diplomat within the group of survivors. After being bitten by a walker in season 3, Rick is forced to cut off Hershel’s leg to stop the infection – adding yet another challenge to his life. This figure comes with set of crutches, alternate prosthetic leg, and pistol.

Where to buy:

Release Date

December 2014


Paint: Original Paint

Scale: 5 Inches

Format: Action Figure

Packaging: Blister

MSRP: $14.99

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