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Bill Russell

Brand: NBA

Genre: Sports

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: NBA Legends Series 3

NBA star Alonzo Mourning summed up Bill Russell’s impact succinctly, stating, “The man’s got more rings than fingers.” The Celtics’ indomitable center (and coach) played 13 NBA seasons, while making 12 All-Star teams and winning 11 NBA titles. His duel with fellow center Wilt Chamberlain is remembered as one of the greatest rivalries in all of sport. Tired of getting hacked and swiped at when he pulled down rebounds, Russell devised his own defense – he’d kick the foot nearest an opponent high into the air, which was enough persuasion to let him land without incident. When approached by McFarlane Toys about becoming part of our NBA Legends line, Russell agreed – but only if he was in his signature rebounding pose.

Unavailable for Purchase

Release Date

September 2007


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Action Figure

Scale: 6 Inches

Packaging: Clamshell

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