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Mandarin Spawn (Red Variant)
March 2021
Mandarin Spawn (Gold Label Series)
12-Inch Mandarin Spawn 2
October 2006
3-Inch Mandarin Spawn
April 2006
Mandarin Spawn 2
October 2005
Mandarin Spawn
June 2004
12 Inch Mandarin Spawn
October 2000
Mandarin Spawn Repaint
January 1999
Mandarin Spawn the Scarlet Edge
August 1999

What is the McFarlane Toys Gold Label Series?

News - Upcoming Releases - January 20, 2021

The Gold Label Collection is here and you might be asking, what's so special about the Gold Label Series? This series will feature a number of highly limited figures from across many pop culture brands with exclusive packaging and art. They will be limited, so the hunt will be intense, folks! Wave 1 just hit Walmart, and features 3 iconic action figures, all part of the Gold Label...