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Win a FNaF Prize Pack with EXCLUSIVE Prizes- Just for Brick 101 Fans!

Giveaway ends 05/02/18.

Brick 101 fans have a chance to win an AWESOME Five Nights at Freddy’s Prize Package with EXCLUSIVE content that isn’t available for purchase. One grand prize winner will be chosen and there will be three runners up. Here’s a breakdown of the prizing:

Grand Prize Winner:

1st Runner Up:

  • FNaF Paper Pals
  • FNaF Left Dresser Door
  • EXCLUSIVE unpainted prototype heads: Phantom Foxy, Toy Bonnie (no ears, FNAF 3 Office Bin)

2nd Runner Up:

3rd Runner Up:

  • FNaF Party Wall
  • FNaF Office Hallway
  • EXCLUSIVE unpainted prototype heads: Toy Foxy/Mangle (no ears, FNAF 3 Office Bin)