california gamers caught "in the demon's hand"
Wednesday, December 08, 1999


California Gamers Caught "In the Demon's Hand"

Capcom's Spawn Arcade Game Debuts in Long Beach

November 17th, 1999

Todd McFarlane Productions was at the Fresh Tracks Snow & Skateboard Expo in Long Beach, California. At the event, the public got the very first opportunity to play Capcom's new game, "Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand." This stand-up arcade game may also be translated into a Sega Dreamcast version for 2000 release and a PlayStation 2 version for 2001 release. At the event, the game will be set up in pairs, allowing up to four players to battle simultaneously.

    "Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand," is based on the incredibly popular comic book character of the same name, and was created in conjunction with Todd McFarlane Entertainment. Todd McFarlane and TME’s President Terry Fitzgerald are the game’s executive producers. Spawn allows for up to four players to play the game simultaneously, using four linked coin-operated cabinets, for an all out, four-way battle.

    Utilizing the power of Sega’s Naomi board, Spawn features unmatched game graphics and intense action. All of the characters and backgrounds in Spawn are polygonal, enabling the characters to move any direction and view items from any angle. The in-game camera is positioned directly behind the character and changes at key moments, increasing the cinematic feel of the game. Spawn features ‘Team versus Team’ mode which allows players to battle against friends or CPU teammates / opponents. Each character has their own unique ending that holds true to Todd McFarlane’s storyline.

    "Capcom has developed an amazing game," said Todd McFarlane, the creative force behind the Spawn character. "Their design team has truly captured all that is Spawn’s world, including the central characters and story line and brought it to life in a really cool interactive 3-D environment."