ash/evil ash two-pack exclusive
Friday, May 17, 2002



Limited-edition Clamshell Coming in October

May 17, 2002

We at McFarlane Toys continue to be astonished at the number of Army of Darkness fans there are out there. We keep making product and you guys keep buying it all up.

    For those fans unable to snag the Ash action figure from Movie Maniacs Series 3 or Evil Ash from Series 4 - or the Musicland-exclusive Ash/Pit Witch two-pack released last year that sold out almost immediately -- we have decided to produce a limited-edition clamshell-packaged set of Ash and Evil Ash.

    This package will again be exclusive to the Musicland chain - Sam Goody, Media Play, On Cue and Suncoast stores - and is slated to hit those retailers in mid-October. Both figures will receive minor revisions to make them different from the original release.