spawn celebrates 10th anniversary
Friday, May 10, 2002



Looking Back on a Decade of Necroplasm

May 10, 2002

Ah, 10 years gone by in but the blink of an eye. Funny how quick a decade passes when you're having fun and channeling the vile powers of the hellish pits of darkness.

    Whew, boys and girls, Todd McFarlane Productions is celebrating 10 years of the Spawn comic book, the publication that got this entire company started. The very first issue of Spawn - you know, the one that sold 1.7 million copies - was published in June 1992.

    Now in 2002, the gang is putting together a sort of digital retrospective of the decade gone by. This online mini-feature - which is set to go live on Friday, May 17 -- will feature tons of unpublished and unique artwork, a Spawn timeline, an interview with Todd McFarlane, downloadable wallpapers and much more.

    Be sure to check it out in the Features section of next Friday.