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An Update On What’s In Stores and What’s Coming
Friday, March 15, 2002



An Update On What's In Stores and What's Coming

March 15, 2002

Sometimes, here in the lap of luxury at the world headquarters, we're looking so far ahead that we forget what's going on in the real world of action figure collecting.

    Or maybe it's because we work so hard keeping you up to date on the McFarlane world, none of us have seen our families - much less the inside of a toy store - in weeks. Regardless, here's what's happening with our action figures.

    The Ultima Online series of action figures and the accompanying game, Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, are out. So far, the line has mainly caught the attention of Ultima gamers. But if you're into original fantasy characters, you should check these out as these figures are extremely detailed and original.

    Hockey Series 2 and Football Series 3 have each been out for a couple months and we've completely sold through our production. Same for Basketball Series 1, which just hit store shelves last week. The much-anticipated Backboard to accompany the basketball series is due to be available through the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club in April.

    Spawn Series 21: Alternate Realities has been on shelves for about a week now. The line is moving exceptionally well (the Spawn VII boxed set in particular is flying off the shelves) and appears to be one of the fastest-selling Spawn lines in recent memory.

    That's all you'll currently find on shelves, but a bunch of other stuff is quickly coming down the pipeline. Our first Baseball action figure series is due to hit shelves in April (featuring a couple collector surprises). Check out the Baseball online feature that went live today here. KISS Busts are shipping and should be in stores soon. And both McFarlane's Monsters and Onimusha 2 are getting close.

    Start stretching now, it's almost time to shop.