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Fresh Artists, Books on the Shelves, Hallelujah
Friday, December 14, 2001



Fresh Artists, Books on the Shelves, Hallelujah

December 14, 2001

cover by Ben Templesmith

Here's the newest scoop on what's happening in the Todd McFarlane Productions comic book world.

    Sam and Twitch #22 hit shelves on Dec. 12. The John Doe Affair story arc is really heating up with Todd McFarlane at the writing desk. Look for issue #23 in January.

    After the current arc wraps up in issue #26, writer Steve Niles and artist Paul Lee are doing a special one-shot issue for #27. After that, writer Marc Andreyko takes over the writing chores with a new artist, yet to be announced.

    In the core Spawn book, Spawn #113 is out on shelves, featuring the ending of the epic Kingdom story arc. The writing in the book continues to be top-notch and artist Angel Medina is really hitting his stride. Issue #114 is coming in January.

    On Hellspawn, issue #10 is out and features new artist Ben Templesmith. We're quite happy with his work and writer Steve Niles continues his bang-up job on one of the eeriest books on the market.

    In other comics-related issues, we've got some big news on a big project that's coming up. And stay tuned for a really cool comics-based contest coming your way from