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Please Help Relief Effort If You Can
Monday, September 17, 2001



Please Help Relief Effort If You Can

September 14, 2001

The events of this past week put a lot of things into perspective for all us, myself included. Business may well be business and our goal as a company is still to produce a cool range of toys and comic books, but our thoughts are definitely with everyone affected by the terrorist bombings.

    As a man, a husband and a father as well as someone who loves the freedoms we take for granted in America, I'm shocked and appalled at these attacks on our country.

    The people who support the McFarlane companies are more than fans or buyers of our products, we consider them friends. And when our friends are in pain, we're in pain.

    America was struck a serious blow on Tuesday morning, Sept. 11. It's a black day in the history of this country and of the world. Hopefully, those responsible will be swiftly caught and punished.

    In the meantime, our condolences go out to the victims in New York City and Washington, DC, their families and friends, and all the emergency workers who are sifting through the rubble. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    You can help in the fight against this very real evil. Here is a list of organizations mobilizing to aid victims. Please do what you can.

    New York Blood Center, blood supply:


    Helping victims of the U.S. attacks, visit,

    United Way, donations:


    Feed The Children, donations:


    The Salvation Army:


    American Red Cross:

    You can donate to the disaster relief fund here,

    Please note, as a show of respect the promised Spawn 20 full feature as well as the lineup for our NHL II series and photos of packaged NHL I figures will be posted Monday morning rather than today. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this time of crisis.

Todd McFarlane