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New NHL Poll Coming Soon to
Thursday, July 26, 2001



New NHL Poll Coming Soon to

July 27, 2001

One of McFarlane Toys' most challenging - and rewarding - goals is interacting with our fans and doing our best to give them what they want. Your input is important and we take it seriously.

    To illustrate this point and, more importantly, to gather valuable information, Todd McFarlane has started a thread on the McFarlane Sports message board asking for your input on the lineup for the third McFarlane's Sports Picks: NFL action figure line.

    It's pretty simple: click here to go to the McFarlane Sports message board, then look for the thread from Todd McFarlane called "ALERT!!! Look at my list and vote for the new NFL players!" Open the thread, read Todd's message and cast your vote from his list of possibilities.

    But please hurry. Voting ends Monday, July 30th. After the voting is over, we'll tabulate your votes - please vote only once - and post the results.

    It's up to you. Please help us pick the lineup for our third NFL action figure series. Also, be on the lookout for a similar poll for the upcoming McFarlane's Sports Picks: NHL Series II.