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Paintball That is; Team Spawn Hits the Playing Field
Friday, June 15, 2001



Paintball That is; Team Spawn Hits the Playing Field

June 15, 2001

Look out, paintball tournament fighters. There's a new team on the battlefield: Team Spawn, sponsored by Raven, one of the largest paintball companies for gear and apparel.

    It all began with a meeting we had with Raven at the Super Show last January. Seems that the Raven folks were huge Spawn fans and the Spawn folks were huge fans of Raven paintball gear. Talk about serendipity.

    Team Spawn has been completely outfitted with trick paintball gear and plans on playing in tournaments together as soon as the weather gets cooler. Todd McFarlane Productions will sponsor the Spyder Cup, an annual paintball tournament, and plans on doing some other cool promotions with Raven in the future.

    The team is made up almost entirely of McFarlane employees. Before getting involved with Raven, the individual members got together because they all loved to go out and shoot one another for fun. Some of have been playing for years and others are newcomers.

    "All in all, the synergy that we have at work comes out on the playing field," said team spokeswoman Jackie "Man Eater" Jacobi.

Team Spawn members are:

    • Jackie Jacobi aka Man Eater

    • Heath Carter aka Doe Boy

    • Drew Hutchinson aka Drewdog

    • Jay Fotos aka Jay Bone

    • Boyd Williams aka Hudson

    • Matt Connelly aka Freestyle

    • Nathan Miner aka Afro Luv

    You can read more about the team at Raven's Web site, And remember, beware the Hellspawns on the paintball field.