shrek goes green at the box office
Early Totals On Par With Animation Big Guns
Friday, June 01, 2001



Early Totals On Par With Animation Big Guns

June 1, 2001

Shrek continues to work fairy tale wonders at the box office. As of May 28, the DreamWorks animated film had earned $111.5 million in ticket sales in the space of 11 days, faster than any other animated film in history.

    That number is on par with the two most popular (and lucrative) animated movies of all time: Toy Story 2 and The Lion King.

    As for McFarlane Toys, our complete line of action figures, plush dolls and playsets continue to sell very well. Todd McFarlane himself has hinted that there may be new Shrek toys released in the fourth quarter to coincide with the video/DVD release.

    For a complete lineup of current Shrek products click here.

    In other news, we've also posted online Shrek instructions in seven different languages. Go here to check those out.

    Also, if you haven't been there, has a useful section detailing all the Shrek products associated with the film and where to buy them.

    Finally, breaking Shrek news: DreamWorks announced Thursday it will be making a sequel to the film. Once again the studio will enlist the writing team of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, who wrote the initial Shrek screenplay (based on William Steig's original 28-page fractured fairy tale).