tdk features shrek at e3
Read on to Win a Shrek Gameboy Color Game
Friday, May 25, 2001



Read on to Win a Shrek Gameboy Color Game

May 25, 2001

Shrek made a bit of a splash at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, held in Los Angeles May 17-19.

    TDK, which produced the Shrek Fairy Tale Freakdown video game for Gameboy Color, had a major display with Shrek signage, McFarlane Toys Shrek action figures and even the 8-foot-tall Shrek we originally displayed at Toy Fair 2001.

    Here's a little contest: In the movie, what does Princess Fiona pull from Shrek's butt on their return trip to Duloc? The first person to e-mail the correct answer to will win a copy of the Gameboy Color game.

    As far as our Shrek master toy license, many smaller retailers will be carrying the figures now that the film is out and doing so well at the box office. Some items, particularly the Plush figures, are harder to find as not all stores are carrying them. However, playsets and Bean Bag Plush should be easier to find as a shipment is en route to stores.

    We've also posted online Shrek instructions in seven different languages. Go here to check those out.

    Finally, if you haven't been there, has a useful section detailing all the Shrek products associated with the film and where to buy them.