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3 Winners In’s Latest Essay Contest
Monday, May 21, 2001



3 Winners In's Latest Essay Contest

May 21, 2001

We're seriously going to have to reconsider these essay-type contests we've been doing. Not because the entries are lame; that would be easy. But because we're inundated with so many quality original essays it's nearly impossible to pick winners.

This time around was no different. This most recent contest asked entrants to pick which Spawn comic book character they would like to be and why. Making the final cut down to three winners was something of a herculean task. In addition to creativity, we're looking for things like spelling, punctuation and grammar.

In the end, and after hours of debate (wow, this is too much like real work), we came up with three winners.

The two runners-up are Josh Gottlieb and Pete Bonavita.

Josh wants to be Cygor. He really got us with his "flinging my crap" line. Click here to read his entry.

Pete's entry (he wants to be Sam Burke) was shorter and so self-deprecating, he was a shoe-in. Click here to read his essay.

The grand-prize winner is Pierre-Luc Therrien, who wants to be Spawn. Read his poetically spooky entry here.

Congratulations to all the winners. Your packages are on the way. And a big thanks to everyone who entered. There are an awful lot of talented folks out there in Spawn-land.