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’Little Nicky’ Makes its Way to Home Video
Tuesday, April 10, 2001



'Little Nicky' Makes its Way to Home Video

April 6, 2001

If you missed the Adam Sandler special-effects comedy Little Nicky when it hit the big screen late last year, your time of salvation is upon you.

    Little Nicky is now available in the video store in DVD/VHS for rental or purchase.

    The film tells the tale of Nicky (Sandler), the son of Satan, who must save Earth from his evil brothers Cassius and Adrian. On Earth, he's guided by a foul-mouthed bulldog named Beefy. Fire, brimstone and laughs ensue. The film features a "who's who" cast, including Sandler, Ozzy Osbourne, Patricia Arquette, Dana Carvey, Rodney Dangerfield, Harvey Keitel, Jon Lovitz, and Quentin Tarantino.

    In other Nicky news, McFarlane Toys' action figures from the film are now available through the Collector's Club in specially priced sets. These figures re-create several scenes from the movie, complete with sound and play action. The Nicky/Cassius two-pack features groin-punching play action and sound. The Gatekeeper/Big Foot two-pack has spinning tassels and sound. The Nicky/Beefy two-pack has urinating action and sound. And the Big Beefy deluxe package features special arrow-firing-from-the-privates action and sound. Devilishly good fun.

    For more information on the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club or to join online for free, go to

    McFarlane will also be participating in New Line Home Entertainment's 37 market radio promotion between April 24 and May 15. Alternative and classic rock stations will be giving away Little Nicky prize packs which include trips to Hell, Grand Cayman in select markets, DVD's, VHS, and McFarlane action figures.