and the il6 winners are ... Flooded with Well-Written Contest Essays
Monday, May 21, 2001


AND THE IL6 WINNERS ARE ... Flooded with Well-Written Contest Essays

March 30, 2001

All we can really say is wow. When we came up with the essay contest idea to win one of three complete sets of Interlink 6 action figures, we thought we'd get a handful of entries and picking three winners would be a snap.

    Boy, were we wrong.

    More than 200 entries flooded our inbox and the vast majority were really, really good. Everyone at was amazed at the talent and creativity of the entrants.

    The essay contest required entrants to submit an original essay on why they deserved to win a set of IL6 robots. Length was 250 words or less. Other criteria were spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure and, most importantly, style and creativity.

    It was very difficult to pick three winners. So difficult, in fact, we expanded the contest. We ended up with three grand-prize winners, who each will receive a complete IL6 set, and 10 runners up.

    The first winner is Ryan Glauser. Click here to read his entry. He really got us with the lawn dart thing.

    The second winner is Jeremy Waldorf. Click here to read his entry. Jeremy's use of the word "whilst" and the phrase "annoying robot noises" really made us laugh.

    The final grand-prize winner is Rodney Collins. Click here to read his entry. Rodney's one sick puppy, he wrote the most amazing run-on sentence any of us had ever read and his closing is a hoot.

    The 10 other winners, who will each receive a grab-bag of prizes, are: Dan Carter, Scott Miller, Christopher Morello, Brian Snook, Robert Conklin, Damian Madden, Andrei Hirschhorn, Kevin Smith, Todd Bennett and Bj√∂rn Wehrhan.

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered. Your prizes are on the way.