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Dedicated Boarder Wins Toy Fair Memorabilia
Friday, March 09, 2001



Dedicated Boarder Wins Toy Fair Memorabilia

March 9, 2001

We have a winner in our Win a Piece of Toy Fair 2001 contest: Travis Oliver, also known as Knox52 on the message boards.

    Announced last Friday, the Toy Fair contest sounded simple: Find five portions of a question hidden somewhere in the Toy Fair 2001 site. Put the pieces together to form a coherent question, then e-mail your answer to the provided address. The winner would be chosen at random from all the correct entrants. Of course, the questions were hidden well. Very well.

    Perhaps too well, according to some frustrated folks who couldn't find all five pieces.

    We had a total of eight correct entries and Travis was the randomly picked winner. There were also several incorrect answers.

    The complete question was: "Which comic artist's work is the reference for the figures in Spawn Series 20?" The answer: Greg Capullo.

    The eggs were hidden as follows:

Egg #1: "WHICH COMIC..."

Catalog, Table of Contents, click blank space to left of "NHLPA Series 2" text link.

Egg #2: "ARTIST'S WORK..."

Showroom Tour, Java version, any page, in black part of header bar above map.


Media, News, "Clive From New York" article, Mongroid detail pop-up, in middle of mouth.

Egg #4: "FOR THE FIGURES..."

Catalog, Anime Series 2 section, Naomi Armitage page, in largest image, Naomi's right eye.

Egg #5: "IN SPAWN SERIES 20?"

Media, Cast Your Vote, Shrek Bean Toys, vote once, then try to vote again, click hole in the R of the Shrek logo.

For his trouble, Travis wins a one-of-a-kind prize: a piece of the Spawn Series 18: Interlink 6 display and the Series 18 sign from our Toy Fair showroom. Congrats, Travis, your prize is on its way.

    Thanks to everyone who entered and better luck next time.