first details on samurai wars revealed
Details and Remaining Photos Unveiled During Toy Fair in February
Friday, December 22, 2000



Details and Remaining Photos Unveiled During Toy Fair in February

December 22, 2000

The 19th Spawn Series, Dark Ages Spawn: The Samurai Wars, will actually be the third new Spawn action figure line released in 2001, the first two being Series 17 R3 (resculpted, repainted, revisited, January release) and the incredibly detailed and articulated Series 18: Interlink 6 (late February).

    Series 19 is Spawn drawing inspiration from Japanese legend. Samurai Wars at first will feature six super-detailed and articulated figures from a feudal Japanese time period. What's more, this line re-creates the entire Hellspawn mythos, but in a different era and locale. In response to fan demand, the packaging will include background on each character and how it relates to the larger story. Just prior to the line's release in Summer 2001, a complete section of will be devoted to the entire Samurai Wars mythos, to give the complete story of the characters and how they interact.

    For now, here's a photo of the Spawn figure from the Series 19: The Samurai Wars line. The rest of the line will be shown in the Toy Fair kickoff on, beginning Feb. 12. And keep your browser pointed toward this site to be the first to hear about possible surprises associated with Series 19 later in the year.