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’ToyFare’ names McFarlane Toys Best Company of the Year
Friday, December 08, 2000



'ToyFare' names McFarlane Toys Best Company of the Year

December 8, 2000

best toy company of the year

The February issue of ToyFare magazine, on newsstands now, contains its annual Best of the Best story.

    McFarlane Toys is proud to have once again won the Best Toy Company of the Year award. Thanks, ToyFare.

    "You can look at just about any McFarlane line, from Movie Maniacs to Slap Shot to anime, and the toys are simply too cool not to own," the magazine wrote.

    We cleaned up in several other categories as well:

Best Paint Application:Tetsuo from McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan
Best Sculpting:Paul Kariya from our first series of NHLPA figures
Sexiest Female:Tiffany from Spawn Classic Series 17
Best Adaptation:Moishe from Where the Wild Things Are
Best Likeness:Shaft from Movie Maniacs 3
Best Monkey:King Kong boxed set from Movie Maniacs 3

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