vicious rumor mill, part iii
Where Fact and Fiction Collide
Wednesday, November 22, 2000



Where Fact and Fiction Collide

November 22, 2000

Ah, the time has come 'round again, time to throw common sense and good taste to the wind, and crawl into the sewers to report all the fiction and some of the facts.

Here's some stuff that we do know for sure:

  • The release of Spawn Series 18: Interlink 6 was held until early 2001, but you articulation freaks out there should be pretty happy when you get it.

  • In comics, Steve Niles will take on the writing chores on the Hellspawn book and Todd McFarlane himself will be writing Sam and Twitch. Look for an upcoming news story on Niles.

  • In an online chat, when asked if he had seen McFarlane Toys' Little Nicky action figures, Adam Sandler said: "Yeah, I've seen them and they're awesome. I've never seen myself portrayed so goofy. Todd McFarlane is the king. He let me look at his baseball."

  • Both the Clive Barker and HR Giger lines are a go for 2001. Fans will likely be shocked and appalled when viewing these twisted toys for the first time. Barker's line will be a traditional action figure series, while the Giger line will be representations of his surrealist work, one package to be released quarterly. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

  • The Shrek master toy license project for McFarlane Toys is in full swing. Look for a complete lineup announcement with photos soon.

  • Now on to the rumors:

  • We've reported it before as rumor - other media sources have reported it as fact - but word of a Metallica line is still floating around.

  • In other music quasi-news, a certain Lizard King, a certain deceased "Hey Joe" guitar virtuoso and a certain Dirty Deeds guitarist all have "notes" floating through the air at McFarlane HQ.

  • In still more music-related pseudo-news, it's rumored that McFarlane is looking to sign a deal to produce a classic British metal band's long-running skeletal mascot.

  • Moguls at Todd McFarlane Entertainment reportedly met with a large entertainment network concerning a fourth season of the Spawn animated series.

  • Movie Maniacs IV news? Not on your life, bucko. Well, rumor has it one property has been signed so far, but it's really, really hush-hush. Stay tuned, we're still digging.

  • But, we did overhear Todd having a phone conversation with a certain film studio that owns the rights to a certain demon-possessed little girl, discussing what it would take to make that action figure happen. We'll see.

  • A second anime line will happen, that much is true. But what figures it will contain is another matter altogether.