selling our soul ... to 'little nicky'
McFarlane Toys Partners with New Line for Film Promotion
Tuesday, April 10, 2001



McFarlane Toys Partners with New Line for Film Promotion

November 3, 2000

Wow, when timing works out right, it's just ... ungodly. Not only are the new Little Nicky action figures steaming toward stores and the hilarious Adam Sandler special-effect comedy set to open nationwide Nov. 10, but McFarlane Toys is also partnering with New Line Cinema for a special Little Nicky promotion.

    First the devilishly clever toys.

    McFarlane Toys has created a series of four multi-figure packages, each with movie-based play action and sound chips. And we're definitely pushing the limits of good taste on these toys. Check 'em out:

Sleeping Little Nicky and Beefy

Nicky is sleeping on a radiator and measures 5 9/16 inches long with five articulation points. He's packaged with his guide dog Beefy, who has a special, er, urinating function. The set comes with radiator, base, mat and sound module in the base.

Little Nicky and Cassius

Cassius stands 5 3/4 inches tall with six points of articulation and includes a special throwing dart. Little Nicky is 5 3/16 inches tall with 10 points of articulation, featuring special play action. Yes, wind him up and Nicky repeatedly punches himself in the groin. Awesome. Includes sound.

Gate Keeper and Bigfoot

Two more characters from the film, Gate Keeper is 4 13/16 inches tall with three articulation points and a special spinning tassel function. He includes a necklace and hysterical sound base. Also included is Bigfoot, who is 5 3/4 inches tall with four points of articulation and a hat.

Deluxe Beefy

What's life without a good dog? Especially a foul-mouthed bulldog for a guide. This massive, incredibly detailed bulldog has special play action. Lift his leg and he shoots an arrow from his, er, private parts. This also triggers his special sound chip.






In the film, Sandler portrays the shy and awkward son of the Devil (Harvey Keitel). When Dad decides to rule Hell for another 10,000 years, Little Nicky's brothers depart to create their own "Hell" -- in New York City! In the process, they disrupt the natural order of things causing The Devil to lose his power and slowly die. With no other options, the weakening Devil orders his beloved but feeble son Nicky to leave his sheltered life in Hell for the mean streets of New York. With the fate of the planet resting on his shoulders, a nervous Nicky and his guide Beefy (a talking dog) must find Nicky's brothers, overcome their formidable powers, and restore the balance between good and evil. The film's cast features some of television and film's top comedy stars including Patricia Arquette, Rodney Dangerfield, Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz, along with Ozzy Osbourne, Quentin Tarantino and Reese Witherspoon. Little Nicky is directed by Steven Brill.

    And, finally, the free stuff.

    McFarlane Toys is working with New Line Cinema, Virgin and Tower to reward Little Nicky toy buyers. Starting Nov. 8, anyone who purchases a Little Nicky action figure at any Tower Records or Virgin Megastore will receive a free Little Nicky movie poster. But you gotta hurry, the offer only stands until the stores sell out.