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Several New Lines Detailed with Packaging Photos
Thursday, February 08, 2001



Several New Lines Detailed with Packaging Photos

September 29, 2000

In our never-ending effort to be your information clearinghouse, here are several pictures of upcoming toy lines in their packaging, including some exclusives and finished action figures statistics. Enjoy:


This is McFarlane Toys' second line of action figures based on The Beatles' 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine. The original line, released in 1999, was one of our best-selling series of all time, immensely popular with collectors and Beatles fans alike. This new series features John, Paul, George and Ringo dressed in their Sgt. Pepper costumes from the film. And, just like last year's line, each Beatle will be packaged with a secondary character from the film, giving consumers two figures for the price of one.

John stands 7 11/16 inches tall with nine points of articulation. He's playing a two-piece trombone and has a hat with removable feathers. John is packaged with the four-headed Bulldog from Yellow Submarine.

Ringo stands 7 1/4 inches tall with 10 points of articulation and is playing his trumpet. Ringo is packaged with the huge 9 1/8-inch-tall Apple Bonker, who has eight articulation points and is holding an apple in both hands.

George stands 7 7/8 inches tall with 10 points of articulation. He's playing a tuba and come with the 7 3/4-inch-tall Snapping Turk character, which has five articulation points, a sliding head and hinged "mouth/belly."

Paul stands 7 7/8 inches tall with nine points of articulation. He's playing a flute and comes packaged with the Sucker Monster, which stands 6 3/16 inches tall with three articulation points, and a bendy nose and tail.


Anime - or Japanese animation - is taking the animation world by storm. In its first action figure adventure into the depths of anime, McFarlane Toys chose visually striking characters from several groundbreaking properties that are well-known and respected among the world's anime followers.

Tetsuo is the protagonist of Akira, the legendary film that helped break anime to a worldwide audience from its native Japan and still one of the most highly regarded pieces of anime ever created. Tetsuo was subjected to government experiments giving him with telekinetic powers. He stands 6 1/8 inches tall with five points of articulation. He includes interchangeable arms, a normal one and a morphing one from the film.

Kaneda is also from Akira; he's Tetsuo's childhood friend and a fellow motorcycle gang member. He stands 6 3/4 inches tall with 10 articulation points and comes with a power pack and weapon.

The final Akira figure is Kaneda's motorcyle. His trademark rocket bike is totally styling in bright red paint and all the right stickers. It's 10 1/8 inches in length.

Vash the Stampede from the wildly popular television series Trigun is the next figure. Vash looks stylish with his long red trenchcoat, electric blond hair and heavy armament. Vash is a noted gunslinger with a huge bounty on his head, despite the fact that he refuses to kill anyone! Vash is 7 inches tall with 10 articulation points and comes with his cat, weaponry and a custom base.

The final figure in the first series is Ryoko from the Tenchi Muyo! empire (video series, television series, feature films and comic books). Ryoko is a 700-year-old demon accidentally released from imprisonment by a high school student, Tenchi Masaki. Ryoko stands 6 3/16 inches tall with six points of articulation and comes with a custom base and a wand.


The Gods of Thunder are back for a fourth series of action figures from McFarlane Toys. Unlike the three previous lines which were based on our KISS: Psycho Circus comic book, KISS Alive is based on a famous 1976 concert photo of the band. The four figures perfectly re-create that image, right down to the expressions on their made-up faces. KISS is arguably the most famous rock band in history and McFarlane Toys has set the standard for how KISS action figures should look.

Gene Simmons. This long-tongued, bass-playing demon stands 7 2/16 inches tall and has 12 points of articulation. He comes with his bass guitar and amplifier.

Paul Stanley. This guitarist/singer loves to love you. Paul is 4 14/16 inches tall in his back-arched, rocking-out position. He has six articulation points and comes with a guitar and amp.

Ace Frehley. The guitar god himself is 6 6/16 inches tall with 10 points of articulation. He, too, comes with his infamous guitar and amp.

Peter Criss. Drummer and cat-person extraordinaire, Kris is 5/12 inches tall in a seated position with eight points of articulation. He comes with a drum set, sticks and stool.


Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Michael Myers (Halloween) are each 18 inches tall and both have motion-activated sound chips with signature sound phrases.

Freddy has nine points of articulation, a removable hat and is dressed in his striped sweater and knife glove.

Michael has nine points of articulation, dressed in his usual industrial jumpsuit with his mask and huge butcher knife.