epoch hosts mcfarlane toys show in tokyo
Almost 4,000 Attend Two-day Event
Tuesday, September 12, 2000



Almost 4,000 Attend Two-day Event

September 12, 2000

Epoch, the official distributor of McFarlane Toys in Japan, held its McFarlane Figure Show (the name sounds so much cooler in Japanese) on Aug. 19-20 in the trendy Daiba area of Tokyo.

    This consumer show drew thousands of Japanese toy fans, who got to check out several upcoming McFarlane Toys lines as well as some older series. There were quite a few two-up (double-sized) figures on-hand for the event, so attendees could see the detailing.

    Hundreds of fans lined up before the doors opened, wanting to get first crack at the exclusives on sale - Mandarin Spawn repaints and Gold Nitro Riders - and to see the upcoming lines.

    The good folks at Epoch went all out for this show. They have at least one carded example of every figure McFarlane Toys has ever produced on display as well as an unbelievably comprehensive catalog showcasing every toy and variant in existence. These guys do their homework.

    They also went the extra mile to build custom dioramas for different lines, including a bloody Movie Maniacs setting that featured the massive Ash two-up, a jungle setting for Where the Wild Things Are and a futuristic Nitro Riders setup.

    Aside from action figures, the show featured the Capcom Spawn: In the Demon's Hand arcade game, a raffle, a questionnaire, and an array of licensed McFarlane merchandise (T-shirts, hats, lighters, jewelry, ad infinitum) large enough to make your head spin.

    Congrats to Epoch for a job well done.