mcfarlane toys updates 2000 schedule
New Action Figure Lineup Cements Even Further
Tuesday, May 02, 2000


And a Couple More 2000 Changes

New Action Figure Lineup Cements Even Further

May 2, 2000

McFarlane Toys 2000

Just when you thought you had it down, the loveable jokers at McFarlane Toys go and change things up on you. Fun, fun.

The Shaft figure from the upcoming John Singleton film is now officially a member of the elite Movie Maniacs 3 squad. This brings MM3 to a total of seven carded figures - Shaft, Ash, Edward Scissorhands, The Thing Norris and the Thing Blair, Snake Plissken and the Fly - plus the massive King Kong deluxe boxed set and two 18-inch-tall Maniacs, Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, both with motion-activiated sound chips.

The first series of NHLPA hockey figures has changed. Jeremy Roenick of Phoenix has been replaced with Chicago's Tony Amonte. The pucksters are still set for a July release with the second series coming in September. The official first series lineup is Amonte, Steve Yzerman, Paul Kariya, Curtis Joseph, Ray Bourque and Patrick Roy.

The 18-inch Mini-Me is coming. Despite rumors to the contrary, McFarlane Toys will release another plush 18-inch-tall Mini-Me figure, this one in a snazzy silver spacesuit. Look for this pint-sized bucket of evil in July.

The second line of Beatles Yellow Submarine figures will now be released in September instead of October.