mcfarlane toys updates 2000 schedule
Additions, Changes Spelled Out For Most Wide-Ranging Lineup Yet
Wednesday, August 08, 2001


McFarlane Toys Updates 2000 Schedule

Additions, Changes Spelled Out For Most Wide-Ranging Lineup Yet

April 17, 2000

McFarlane Toys 2000

Gossip, rumor, innuendo, truth. Here are the current facts about the McFarlane Toys 2000 lineup, some additions, some changes, but still more than 120 beautifully crafted action figures.

The Movie Maniacs 3 line, including the deluxe boxed figure, King Kong from the 1933 film, and the 18-inch Movie Maniacs with sound (Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers) have had their release date moved up from September to August. Movie Maniacs maniacs, rejoice.

The NHLPA pro hockey figures line has been shuffled and new players added. As of now, 12 players will be released in two waves of six. The first line, tentatively set for July release, includes Steve Yzerman, Jeremy Roenick, Paul Kariya, Curtis Joseph, Ray Bourque and Patrick Roy. The second wave, set for September release, includes Jaromir Jagr, Mark Messier, Eric Lindros, Pavel Bure, Dominick Hasek and a sixth player, most likely a goalie, yet to be confirmed.

The figures in the Where the Wild Things Are line now have names. This is the first time all the characters from the famous 1963 Maurice Sendak children's book have been named. The characters are: Max and Goat Boy, Moishe, Aaron, Tzippy, Bernard and Emil. Look for them in stores in September.

Several other figures have had release dates changed. They are: Rob Zombie (May), Alice Cooper (July), Beatles Yellow Sub 2 (October), Series 17: Spawn Classic (July) and the McKenzie Brothers (June).

The anime line now has an official title, McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan, and has been moved up from November to October.

Unfortunately, the Ultima Online 2 line has been pushed back to 2001 due to the game's official release date moving.