kiss tapes pepsi commercial in phoenix Staffers give Signed KISS Figures to Pepsi Girl
Monday, March 27, 2000


KISS Tapes Pepsi Commercial in Phoenix Staffers give Signed KISS Figures to Pepsi Girl

March 27, 2000

 Hallie Eisenberg

While in Phoenix rehearsing for the kickoff of their "Farewell" tour, rock band KISS taped a new commercial for Pepsi, which aired Sunday, March 26, during the Oscars.

    The commercial is a live concert-style production featuring KISS singing the Pepsi song "The Joy of Cola." But the best part? KISS had a special fifth bandmate for the song. That's right, Pepsi girl Hallie Eisenberg was dressed as a new KISS member and performed with the band during the song. Hallie totally rocked out, mimicking Paul's guitar heroics and wagging her tongue at Gene.

    The taping was like an actual KISS concert, right down to the massive pyrotechnics display. Phoenix fans were used as extras and the band signed autographs for them between takes.

    At the end of the taping, the members of KISS were scrambling for something to sign for the Pepsi girl, but couldn't find an appropriate item. came to the rescue. We just happened to have a complete set of KISS tour edition action figures that the band signed on the spot and presented to Hallie.