mcfarlane booth busts big air at winter gravity games
Thursday, February 08, 2001


McFarlane Booth Busts Big Air at Winter Gravity Games

February 2, 2000

The Winter Gravity Games is the pinnacle of cold-weather extreme sports, featuring competitions in features freeskiing, snowboarding, Gravity quarterpipe and exhibition freestyle snowmobiling. The Winter Gravity Games also features a multi-faceted festival environment with lifestyle components from music and demo to food and film.

    TMP had one of the most popular booths in the Village, featuring tons of toys, comics and plenty of free stuff. "I'm so surprised and glad you guys are here," said one gamesgoer. "I thought it would be just a bunch of boring gear."

    Bob McFarlane, Todd's dad, was on hand to assist events queen Kellie Perica in giving away lots of McFarlane toys. There were spin-the-wheel and McFarlane trivia competitions as well as a raffle and a guess-the-demons contest. We ended up giving away everything we brought except for our banners (but people wanted those, too).

    The event coverage airs on NBC on Feb. 12, 13 and 20.

Winter Gravity Games   Winter Gravity Games
Bob McFarlane is interviewed by Chris Joyce of One World Networks at the TMP booth.   The TMP tent was one of the busiest spots at the Winter Gravity Games Festival Village.