College Football Series 3 takes the field
McFarlane’s SportsPicks send you back to school!
Monday, April 11, 2011

It’s been heralded as not only the best College Football lineup from McFarlane Toys, but possible one of the best SportsPicks lines EVER. College Football Series 3 offers eight collegiate standouts to make you dust off your mortar board and sing your alma mater.

Heisman Trophy winners Charles Woodson (Michigan) and Tim Tebow (Florida) headline this lineup, while Beanie Wells (Ohio State), Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska) and Troy Polamalu (USC) are the first SportsPicks figures from their schools. It’s the SportsPicks debut for Suh as well – and the first time we’ve debuted a player in our College Football series. Joseph Addai (LSU) and Adrian Peterson 2 (Oklahoma) give some star power to their respective universities as well. Toys ‘R Us is in on the game plan too – as the exclusive retailer for our Ray Rice (Rutgers) figure.

But that’s enough chatter for now – you don’t need the BCS to know this is a championship lineup:

The wait for football season is agonizing I know, but we’ll get it kicked off a little early for you – look for College Football Series 3 at national and specialty retailers in early June. Stay tuned to, friend us on Facebook (add link), and follow Todd on Twitter (add link)for all the latest news and info about this and other upcoming products.