Comic Wrap-Up For October
New 'Haunt' Issue, 'Sam and Twitch' TPB and 'Spawn: Origins' Book Two
Friday, October 08, 2010

It's October, and Todd McFarlane Productions has a slate full of exciting comic product making its way to a retailer near you!

Those of you who caught our hard-edged crime fiction mini-series Sam and Twitch: The Writer this summer can now grab all four issues in trade paperback form.

In the dead of winter during a nasty snowstorm a routine homicide investigation takes a literary twist. A suspected drug dealer is found dead, naked and with what seems to be part of a larger story written all over his body. This is the beginning of the serial killing spree dubbed by the press as the "The Writer." Detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams, helped by graphologist Charlotte Garland, have to discover the truth, and end the literary nightmare that has descended, like the snow, upon the city.

On sale this coming Wednesday, October 13th, Sam and Twitch: The Writer TP includes a special foreword by series writer Luca Blengino and artist Luca Erbetta as well as behind-the-scenes sketches, page variations, unused art and more! Featuring artwork from famed Italian creative team Luca Blengino (Story), Luca Erbetta (Pencils), Fabio Bono (Inks), and Filippo Rizzu (Colors), this is a title that shouldn't be missed. And at the bargain price of $9.99, why would you?

If one TMP book wasn't enough on your bookshelf this month, make sure you pick up a copy of the second hardcover book from our Spawn: Origins series of product. Spawn: Origins, Book Two includes classic Spawn stories written by Todd McFarlane, as well as industry giants Grant Morrison, Tom Orzechowski and Andrew Grossberg. Revisit epic battles that feature old foes and introduce many new characters into the Spawn universe such as the Violator, Redeemer and Overtkill. Extra features include color and b/w cover gallery and behind-the-scenes art in this oversized, hardcover format with a special wraparound painted cover of Spawn vs. The Redeemer by Greg Capullo. Collects Spawn #13-25. Also, in case you missed out on the Spawn: Origins Book One hardcover collection, a new printing will be on shelves Oct. 20.

Also coming to shelves October 20th is Haunt #10. Our top-selling title continues its suspenseful story arc, as brothers Daniel and Kurt figure out how to use the powers that bond them together in life and death. Last issue left off with Daniel falling into the hands of Cobra, Mr. Hurg's disfigured agent. What does Hurg want with Daniel, and will he be able to escape Hurg's grip There's only one way to find out -- pick up your copy in two weeks!

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