NFL 23 Photography Unveiled
Wow, You're Actually Drooling On Your Keyboard...
Thursday, September 02, 2010

Look, we get it. We're speaking to a nation of football-starved pigskin addicts wandering through the off-season desert, desperate for any oasis of sanity that can reconnect them to their beloved NFL. Well, we've got you covered, with the unveiling of our NFL 23 SportsPicks series. Please view these photos carefully, maybe a couple per hour throughout the weekend. You don't want to overload the football portion of your mind (medical term: the touchdownthius) when the pre-season is just winding down.

NFL 23 features the SportsPicks debuts for five players (Austin/Mendenhall/Crabtree/Tebow/Grant) as well as original sculpts for Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, and Drew Brees. McNabb appears in his new Redskins jersey, while every figure in this line has a rare (individually numbered) Collector Level version as well.

NFL 23 -- expected domestic release: late September 2010

There's more where that came from! Stay tuned to for photography from a handful of multi-packs, plus NFL 24/25 and our debut series of NFL Playmakers.