'Spawn: Origins' Volume Six Trade Paperback In Stores This July
Classic 'Spawn' Reprints Collection Continues
Friday, April 30, 2010

Todd McFarlane Productions is proud to announce the latest addition to our growing Spawn: Origins family of books. The Spawn: Origins Volume Six trade paperback is slated for a release this coming July and contains classic Spawn adventures that helped cement his legacy.

Spawn takes matters into his own hands, confronting those that have plagued him for so long. The Clown returns with the Freak hot on his heels, ready to take his own shot at Spawn. Also, Terry Fitzgerald's new alliance with Jason Wynn sends Spawn reeling and creates more confusion for the tortured soul than ever. Relive the origin of Cy-Gor as he prepares to hunt down Spawn! This collectible trade paperback contains Spawn issues 33-38.

This edition features five solid issues of art by the legendary McFarlane/Capullo duo -- with an additional issue penciled by Tony Daniel and inked by Kevin Conrad. And with all stories being penned by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, this collection is a must have for Spawn fans.


Each volume of the Spawn: Origins series includes six previously released, sold-out issues of Spawn, published in an all-new design and format. Exclusive bonus content includes cover galleries, behind-the-scenes art and each trade features a classic cover re-imagined by master Spawn artist, Greg Capullo.

All of the 6-issue Spawn: Origins trade paperbacks retail for $14.99, and are available at bookstores and comic shops everywhere. To find a comic shop near you, simply call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK or check online at

Ask your retailer to order your copy by using Diamond code MAY10 0459.