McFarlane and Kirkman's 'Haunt' Comic Scares Up Multiple Sell Outs
Popular Comic Book Continues to Gain Tremendous Momentum at Retail
Friday, November 13, 2009

Haunt, the sales record-breaking new superhero series conceived by Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman, faces yet another sell out with both its first and second issues completely sold through on a distribution-level.

"Getting this reception a second time around has us all very excited," Kirkman said. "Haunt is having a tremendous launch at a period in time when the economy doesn't really lend itself to people taking a chance on something new. Not only did the first issue set a recent sales record for Image, but as of last week the reprint and second issue are both gone despite very significant overprints. Todd and I are very appreciative of the fans and retailers supporting Haunt. We hope to reward them back with years of stories to come."

Haunt centers on a pair of brothers, Kurt and Daniel Kilgore, who act more like adversaries than family. Kurt, a secret agent, and Daniel, a less than holy priest, bond in a way neither of them expects after Kurt's untimely death. A surprise fusing of Kurt's ghost with Daniel's body creates a chain reaction, turning the brothers into the character, Haunt. While both distribution-level sell out issues will return with all-new printings in December, earlier printings may be available in small quantities at your local comic book store.

Haunt #1 3rd Printing and Haunt #2 2nd Printing, both 32-page full color comic books for $2.99, will be in-stores alongside Haunt #3 (OCT090361) on December 2nd, 2009.