Limited Run Will Feature New Alternate Cover by Todd McFarlane
Friday, November 07, 2008

Spawn Issue 185 went fast. The new creative team and direction of the story made this THE issue to have. The result: an immediate distribution-level sell-out.

In response to public demand, an additional run of 5,000 copies of this historic issue will be printed. The reprint will feature an exclusive variant cover in an alternate color palate, penciled, inked and colored by Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane.

"I actually colored that cover shortly after penciling and inking it," McFarlane says. "My coloring was more of a traditional superhero look, but colorist Jin Han did more of a painted, watercolor look - something more in the Hellspawn vein. Because Whilce (Portacio)'s and Greg (Capullo)'s covers were more traditional looking, I decided to have my cover be the non-traditional looking one. Now that we're doing a reprint, you're getting the traditional version. It's sort of interesting to see how the same cover can look different if you put different coloring on it. If you put the two side by side, you can make the decision on which looks cooler."

If you missed out on the original run, this is your chance. This reprinted issue is scheduled to reach stores by Nov. 19 - the same day Spawn Issue 186 arrives. Check with your favorite retailer for details.