Long-awaited, Limited Edition Hardcover Makes Its Debut
Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a project that has been literally years in the making. And after much anticipation, the long-awaited Spawn: Book of the Dead has gone to press and will reach store shelves in November.

Written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), with additional content by David Hine (Spawn), Spawn: Book of the Dead is the ultimate guide for any Spawn fan. With each character in the Spawn mythos beautifully rendered by renowned artist Ashley Wood, this 104-page hardcover is not to be missed. Plus, every copy of Spawn: Book of the Dead is hand-signed by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane!

Todd knew his vision was in good hands with the book's creative team:

"Spawn: Book of the Dead is an overview of more than 200 issues of various stories spread out over multiple titles. The intent of this book was to try and condense those thousands of pages, ideas and characters into a digestible version for those who haven't been keeping their own notebook about my flagship character. To help bring this idea to life, Steve Niles took my ideas and strung together a timeline of some of those events. Then, the near impossible task of putting artwork to the huge mythology of Spawn fell on the shoulders of Ashley Wood.

"Both of these gentlemen handed in a compelling and thought-provoking final piece; Steve, through his wonderful words, and Ashley through his mind-bending, evocative images. This book has been sitting dormant for a couple of years now, and it's very gratifying to finally see it come to fruition. With the help of David Hine and my able staff (as well as Ashley updating a handful of the art pieces), I hope that you will agree with me that the wait was definitely worth it.

"Let me know your thoughts after you've seen the book and tell me whether we should do a follow-up book for the next 100 issues of the main Spawn title."

Quantities of this historic edition are extremely limited (only 3,500 copies will be printed), and available only through Diamond Distributors. As a special promotion, the first 3,000 editions will include an exclusive pewter "Raven" Spawn figure and sell for $32.99. The book alone retails for $29.99.

For complete details or to order Spawn: Book of the Dead, visit your local comic book shop.