Sports Picks Lineup Features Primetime NFL Talents
Friday, June 06, 2008

McFarlane Toys is proud to present 2008 NFL Wave 2. This lineup includes new poses for three of our most popular players, and the Sports Picks debut for four new stars.

Top-to-bottom, this lineup includes six Pro Bowl players and the starting running back for the World Champion New York Giants – not to mention the 2007 NFL MVP and Rookie of the Year. Our collectors deserve credit for helping build this lineup as well – Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware was the most-requested NFL figure in the last "Call Your Shot" poll on our Sports message board. It's a world-class lineup of titanic impact. As always, enjoy the photography:

2008 NFL Wave 2 is expected to arrive on shelves this October. Stay tuned to for packaged photography and more!

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