New Players for the 12-inch Figure and Collector's Edition
Friday, March 14, 2008

It wasn't that long ago that Todd McFarlane was calling audibles for William Aberhart High, so his making changes to our 2008 NFL lineup isn't a huge surprise. Todd wants to make our 12-inch Barry Sanders figure an original sculpt, and to provide time to develop that new figure, it's being slid back onto the 2009 schedule.

Replacing the Sanders figure in 2008 is an update to our 12-inch LaDainian Tomlinson figure, this time featuring the Chargers running back in San Diego's new dark blue uniform and including his signature tinted visor.

See the 12-inch Tomlinson figure here.

With Tomlinson coming out as a 12-inch figure, and also part of the NFL 18 lineup, Todd felt we were a little "L.T. heavy" this fall. He has decided to swap out his planned Collector's Edition figure and replace it with a Collector's Edition figure for Cowboys wideout, Terrell Owens.

Both items are scheduled to arrive in stores this September.

Stay tuned to for images of the Owens Collector's Edition and other upcoming figures.

>> 12-INCH LADAINIAN TOMLINSON 2 (dark blue)