First Look at Master Chief, Spartans, Brute Stalker and ODST
Thursday, January 10, 2008

In a licensing agreement with Microsoft, McFarlane Toys is producing action figures based on the video game series Halo®. Last few week we dazzled you with photos of the Arbiter (see it here). Now we're proud to bring you the Series 2 Master Chief, Spartans, ODST Soldier and Brute Stalker.

Feast your eyes.

Thought to be the last surviving SPARTAN soldier, Master Chief possesses a unique trait that has made him both a hero and symbol of hope in the eyes of humanity, and a "demon" in the minds of his enemies. That trait? A rare combination of skill and luck that has seen him through many battles, including the destruction of two Halo installations.

Now, with the Covenant forces edging ever closer to their hallowed, and cataclysmic "final journey," it once again falls upon the Chief's mighty shoulders to take the fight to his enemies.

McFarlane Toys' Master Chief's weapons can attach to his leg and back, and also feature:

There are fighters, and then there are soldiers. There are warriors, and then there are SPARTANS. The elite of the elite, humanity's greatest fighting force - and greatest weapon against the hated armies of the Covenant. The unique men and women, hand-picked at a young age to take place in the clandestine SPARTAN program were transformed through science and trained for one thing - victory.

Armor Variations:
EOD, Scout, ODST, Mark VI, EVA, CQBColor variations:
CQB Red - Available at all retailers
EVA White - Available at specialty stores only
Scout Tan - Available at all retailers
EOD Olive - Available at all retailers
ODST Cyan - Wal-Mart Exclusive
EOD Blue - Wal-Mart Exclusive
EVA Brown - Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
ODST Steel - GameStop Exclusive
Mark VI Gold - Transworld Exclusive

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are an elite branch of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) special forces. Comprised of an all-volunteer fighting force of some of the bravest men the UNSC has to offer, the ODST have served valiantly in many campaigns against the Covenant, including engagements on three separate Halo installations.BRUTE STALKER
Be mindful of your surroundings, for one never knows when one is being hunted. Invisible to all but the keenest of eyes, Brute Stalkers use light-bending technology known as active camouflage to approach their prey undetected, before unleashing destruction upon their unsuspecting enemies.DRONE
Another weapon in the mighty Covenant arsenal, Drones (or "buggers") are insect-like warriors that attack in swarms -- the buzzing static of their wings offering the only warning of their approach. Drones are dangerous opponents in any battle, as their ability to fly offers them many angles from which to attack, and their erratic flight patterns make for difficult targets.ARBITER
Though considered a high commander of the Elites, the Arbiter lost his honor among the Prophets when he failed to protect the first HALO. Disillusioned by the reason behind the Covenant's war against humanity, the Arbiter leads the Elites when they align with the UNSC.

This former foe to Master Chief is ready to finish the fight with the Spartan soldier against the Covenant forces, and the continued threat of the Flood.Read about McFarlane Toys' licensing agreement with Microsoft to produce Halo® action figures here.

Note: Photos or the Drone figure will be available right here on as soon as they become available.

Halo Series 2 figures are scheduled to be in stores June 2008.