Plus: New Bio Story Released on Newsarama
Friday, September 21, 2007

Picking up where The Adventures of SPAWN left off, AOS 2 reunites the original characters (plus all-new ones) in another pulse-pounding caper. And SPAWN Series 32, the complete line of action figures that inspired the comic, must be seen to be believed. Next Friday, we'll unveil an online feature that's packed with punch and fortified with fun.

Our SPAWN 32 feature will include:

- Detailed figure photography
- Packaging photos
- AOS 2 comic book art
- Figure specs
- Character biographies
- Concept art and sketches
- Where to buy
- Downloadable avatars
- Tons of downloadable desktops

So don't touch that dial! Keep it here on

To see the complete line of SPAWN Series 32, The Adventures of Spawn action figures (in stores next month), go here.

Web site will be posting 3-page biographies of some of the AOS 2 characters every other week, beginning Sept. 24 and ending on Oct. 22. The remaining bios will be posted here on To see when your favorite character's bio will be online, follow the chart below.

Sept. 24 - Commando Spawn (writer: Jon Goff, artist: Travis Sengaus) NEWSARAMA
Oct. 1 - Agent 8 (writer: Jon Goff, artist: Jon Landry)
Oct. 8 - Tremor (writer: Jon Goff, artist: Jon Landry) NEWSARAMA
Oct. 15 - K7 Leetha Super Suit (writer: Jon Goff, artist; Travis Sengaus)
Oct. 22 - Omega Squad (writer: Jon Goff, artist: Khary Randolph) NEWSARAMA
Oct. 29 - Creech (writer: Greg Capullo, artist; Greg Capullo)
Nov. 5 - Raven Spawn (writer; Jon Goff, artist: Travis Sengaus)
Nov. 12 - Phlebiac Bros. (writer: Jon Goff, artist: Jon Landry)
Nov. 19 - Spawn X (writer: Jon Goff, SURPRISE GUEST ARTIST)

To read the AOS online comic, go here.