McFarlane and Capullo Team up for Baseball Montage
Friday, August 24, 2007

Todd McFarlane and the Arizona Diamondbacks have partnered on another ballpark promotion at Chase Field this season. The Diamondbacks commissioned Todd - who then brought Greg Capullo on board - to create a montage of Diamondbacks players for classic metal lunchboxes to be given away this Sunday, Aug. 26 to the first 10,000 fans age 12 and under.

"We are extremely excited about this custom piece," says Karina Bohn, senior director of marketing for the Diamondbacks. "I have seen similar items given away at other ballparks, but what makes our piece so special is its tie-in with McFarlane Toys. When I presented the idea to Pepsi, they immediately realized the unique value in having the lunchbox design overseen by Todd and his team. This item fits in perfectly with the McFarlane action figures we are giving away throughout the season and does a great job promoting our partner as well."

It was a great experience for Todd as well.

"For me, this was a great project, because I got to combine two of my passions - artwork and sports," he says. "I think parents may like this lunchbox as much as their kids do. It's a cool collectible for bringing their lunch into the office. I'll have to ask my son if I can borrow his."

The giveaway is sponsored by Pepsi. Tickets are available by clicking here.